Your Experience - CandorPath

Transparency is the future of financial planning. At CandorPath Financial, we believe the road to financial freedom is paved with realistic information, clear communication, and proactive behavior shared within a close client-advisor relationship.

First Steps on your Path

Introductory Call

This first step will allow us to learn about your goals and how we can best serve you. We will explain how we advise clients on nearly all aspects of their financial life and answer any questions you have.

Mind Mapping Session

Who you are and what you care about is of paramount importance to us in the financial life planning process. During this session, we will learn about your vision and needs through a series of exercises to help us better understand your version of financial success.

Recommendations Meeting

With a values-based, life-centered approach to financial planning, we will develop a comprehensive plan incorporating both quantitative and qualitative aspects of your life to make the most appropriate recommendation(s).

Implementation & Set-up

After developing and deciding how to fully optimize your financial plan, we will begin putting steps into action and integrating it into your everyday life.

Periodic Reviews & Check-in

Review meetings are a great opportunity to update one another. Each meeting may be a little different as we continue to help you refine your priorities, adjust to changes, and keep you prepared for life’s journey.