Your Experience

What Our Clients Experience on Their Path

Transparency is the future of financial planning. At CandorPath Financial, we believe the road to financial freedom is paved with realistic information, clear communication, and proactive behavior shared within a close client-advisor relationship.

Take the First Steps

Get started with an introductory call.

Your journey looks different from everyone else’s. During our introductory call, our team learns about your goals — financial and lifestyle — and starts to lay the groundwork for how we get you to where you want to be. We also explain how we advise clients on nearly all aspects of their financial life, and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Uncover your path with a mind mapping session.

Getting to where you want to be is rarely linear. Our mind mapping sessions use a series of exercises to help us dive deeper into your vision, needs, and concerns. We also help you get a sharper picture of your version of financial success.

Plan the journey with our recommendations meeting.

Your finances don’t exist in a vacuum. With a values-based, life-centered approach, we develop a comprehensive plan that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative aspects of your life. We want our clients to make the most of their lives while our plans bring them closer to where they want to be.

Time to implement and set up your future.

After deciding how best to optimize your financial plan, we’re ready to act and integrate the recommendations into your everyday life. We’re there for you along the way, so never hesitate to ask questions as they arise.

Look back on progress with reviews and check-in meetings.

You’ll never know how far you’ve come until you reflect on where you’ve been. We leverage review meetings as opportunities to update one another. Each meeting looks a little different; we’ll refine priorities, adjust to surprises or changes, and keep you prepared for the next step.

MyPath: A Digital Tool to Keep You on Track

The integration of technology into the financial life planning process is a critical one. We offer a live-tracked view of your net worth, investments, and cash flow.