Written vs Live Financial Plan

Gone are the days of compelling financial data, printing it out, organizing it in a three-ring binder, and sending you on your way. And that’s a good thing. You see, the moment the paperwork comes out of the printer, the documents are already outdated, because your financial investments are constantly moving.

The software we use provides you with a live financial plan versus a written financial plan, giving you second by second updates as the markets move up and down. This is beneficial, not because we need to constantly watch the numbers, but rather, it allows you to stay in tune with how your investments are impacting your financial goals. Adjustments can be made more frequently and easily .
Pursuing your financial goals without a live financial plan is like trying to drive across town in gridlock traffic. A live financial plan provides you with an aerial view, and the ability to see which roads you need to go down to ensure you reach your destination.