Wealth ethic & work ethic

A recent article shined a light on how Warren Buffet prioritized wealth ethic over work ethic. Intrigued, I came to understand that wealth ethic pertains to the idea that the pursuit of money over the importance of enjoying how you are making money is no longer the priority. We would all love to make a living by following our true passion, but it often seems too difficult to do. Minda Zetlin explains that “one of the main reasons passion-seeking has gotten such a bad reputation is the presumption that there’s only one passion out there for each of us, and that whatever it is may not always translate to something you can do for a living.” But is that really true?

Warren Buffet suggests we ask ourselves, “What are the things we love so much we could get lost in them for hours at a time, without being bored or impatient?” For many of us, I think there is more than just one passion that we can follow.
If you made a list, would find that there is more than one thing?