The End Game

Recently I sat down with some clients who own their own business, and let me know they were working on outsourcing and automating a number of things within their business so they could take a step back. Then they asked, “Now what?”

If you’ve watched any of our other videos, you know we preach about the importance of practicing for retirement, whether you have your own business or not. If you’re nearing retirement, we encourage you to take a sabbatical to feel what retirement is like, not financially, but emotionally.

When talking with clients about retirement, we often find ourselves revising this message:

Decreasing your income driven work is not the end goal. Living more, and becoming more, is, and taking these steps as your business matures is just the first part of the evolution. It’s meant to give you an opportunity to get back in touch with yourself, maybe rediscovering passions or spending more time with family. It’s a process that will likely require a shift in mindset, but it’s important to keep trying.