The CandorPath Way

What is the CandorPath way? It’s taking the time to really get to know you before we advise you on how to reach your goals.

We move through a specific series of meetings, beginning with one that will familiarize us with you, your current circumstances, and your goals. Next we move to a solutions and recommendations meeting, discussing financial forecasting, how to optimize your money, and most importantly to us, how to prioritize the next 90 days.
We believe focusing on 90 day increments is a critical component to your financial success. You will have the opportunity to continuously work toward objectives and feel the sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving a goal, and we will be able to reevaluate your circumstances in regular intervals, ensuring adjustments and improvements are constantly being made so you don’t lose any momentum.
Our goal is to optimize your finances and provide you peace of mind.