Teaching Children the Value of Money

Years ago I wrote an article about making “cents” for your child’s future (catchy, I know) in an effort to provide practical tips on how to talk with your kids about money and budgeting. Back then though, I didn’t actually have kids. Now, two children later, I’m gaining much more insight into how to introduce these topics in our household.

She’s not quite four yet, so while my daughter may be too young to have a real conversation with about money, she’s already learning how to connect value and money. I know this because if I ask her why she thinks I go to work, she’ll tell me it’s so we can go to Disney World.
My point here is that our kids are paying attention, so it’s really important we be mindful of the lessons we teach them about money. My wife and I are having intentional conversations about our family values with our daughter so she will eventually understand the role they play in how we spend our money. Our goal isn’t to encourage her to do exactly what we’re doing, but rather to provide her with tools she can use to form her own habits and reach her own goals.