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When the rest of life gets complicated, we want to ensure your finances do not. As Publix® professionals, our goal in partnering with you is to provide unbiased advice and strategic planning tailored to your unique financial plan.

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With nearly a decade of portfolio management and financial planning experience, Michael Scott, CFA strives to empower Publix® professionals by providing them with the tools they need to make sound financial decisions.

In our PDF guide, Michael has outlined a timeline of events and retirement considerations for you to apply within your own financial life planning. Regardless of where you are on your path to financial success, our retire ready guide can help!

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In last month’s article, I addressed a common question… “Is now a good time to invest?” I referenced in that article that over the past 20+ years, investors could always find a reason to stay away from the markets. The reasons to avoid investing included events like the fallout of the Global Financial Crisis, the Dot-Com bubble, Trade Wars, the War on Terror, and even different biological concerns like the Ebola and Coronavirus epidemics. Yet, despite all of these events, the annualized return of the S&P 500 Total Return Index was about 7%. While I think that just that piece of information is powerful, it only captures one window of returns from 2000-2023. What about all the other years and combinations? 
Back in April of 2023, I had the opportunity to speak to a local group of Orlando business owners and retirees with John Kennedy. We were initially asked in January to talk a bit about our company and some timely topics, and by the time April rolled around, the financial markets were in disarray giving us much to discuss. Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank were failing, Credit Suisse looked suspect, and First Republic Bank was teetering on the edge of insolvency as well. A few short months later, all four institutions had failed or were neatly tucked into other banks before they could fail. A crisis was averted as this did not spread to the economy as a whole and while we did explain what happened to these banks, we also spent an equal amount of time explaining why these events were not to be feared. Rather, these events can often present different buying opportunities for long term investors, and 2023 ultimately proved us right.

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