Publix® Stock Ownership

Publix is one of the largest employee owned companies. One of the main benefits of working for Publix is the access to owning Publix stock. Currently, there are generally only three ways to acquire ownership: Buying stock outright in your name, buying stock in your SMART Plan (your 401k), or in the PROFIT Plan (the ESOP).

Publix as a private company is valued slightly differently than its public counterparts. At the moment, Publix stock is valued four times a year and maintains that value for the next three months before being valued again. There is a process in which the management sets the price in accordance with company performance, publicly traded peer company performance, and external advice. Once price is set, then associates are able to purchase shares.

The first way to acquire ownership is owning Publix shares personally. Four times a year after the price is set, Publix Associates are given a window to purchase shares. Currently, associates must have worked for Publix for at least a year to purchase stock, but requirements are set by the company and subject to change at any point.

The next opportunity to acquire Publix stock is through the SMART Plan, or your 401(k). Currently, associates are able to invest up to 25% of their contributions into Publix stock. That is not a recommendation of the amount that should be invested, but the limit the plan sets. Historically this number has been higher and could change in the future, but current limits are set at 25% of contributions.

The third most common way to acquire Publix stock is through the PROFIT Plan, or the ESOP. Annually the Publix management determines an amount to be given to associates based on their compensation. This number in recent years has been around 8% of salary, but this number is subject to change and is not guaranteed.

There are a few other ways someone may come to own Publix stock such as an inheritance or potentially gifting, but generally only an associate can acquire new stock. If you have questions about your ownership, planned ownership, or strategies to exit ownership, reach out to us for what opportunities you may have.