Money perspective matters

More than ever, we should be searching for contentment with what we have, as focusing on what we can’t control only brings unnecessary stress.

We could easily become discouraged about the current state of the market, but instead, try to focus on all of the positive momentum you built up during the last period of economic expansion. Perhaps you saved more money than ever because your income grew at a rapid rate, finally purchased a home because the mortgage interest rates were so low, or managed to pay off debt in an accelerated fashion. Positive financial progress will always be made by practicing good financial discipline, regardless of the state of the market.
If you weren’t able to take advantage of the last period of economic expansion in any of the ways I mentioned above, know that an entirely new set of opportunities is on the horizon. Let’s look at this time with a glass-half-full mindset, searching for or creating new possibilities. You are your greatest asset, and giving yourself the opportunity to learn and grow during this next wave of economic expansion will be important to your financial success.