EP 104

The Pursuit of Healthy Selfishness

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Inside This Episode

Join John Kennedy as he explores the transformative concept of “healthy selfishness.” Discover how prioritizing your well-being doesn’t mean neglecting others; it’s about setting boundaries and embracing self-care without sacrificing personal connections. Through personal anecdotes and reflections, John shares his journey of learning to prioritize self-care and happiness while still considering others. From redefining success to fostering deeper relationships, this podcast offers practical insights for anyone seeking harmony in their personal and professional lives.

Three Biggest Insights

  • Healthy Selfishness
  • Setting boundaries as an Act of Self Love and Self Respect
  • Investing Time in Self-care to Show Up Authentically for Others

Key Takeaways

  • Practice & Prioritize Self-Care: Recognizing self-worth, acknowledging needs, and practicing self-respect to invest time in your personal well-being for a balanced life.
  • Start Setting Boundaries: Learning to say no and creating space for oneself.
  • Balance Your Energy: Focusing on managing energy levels rather than just time.