EP 120

The Power of Pre-Suasion with Brian Ahearn

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Inside This Episode

In this episode of the Above Board Podcast, host John Kennedy welcomes back Brian Ahearn, the Chief Influence Officer at Influence People, a keynote speaker, and a Cialdini-certified coach. They discuss ethical persuasion, the science of influence, and Brian’s latest TEDx talk on ‘Pre-suasion.’ Brian shares personal stories, including the impact of genuine connections, the significance of authenticity, and strategies for internal dialogue. They also touch on Brian’s new book, ‘His Story, My Story, Our Story,’ which explores his relationship with his father and the importance of reconciliation. Tune in to understand how to use psychological principles ethically in both personal and professional settings.

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Three Biggest Insights

  • Ethical Persuasion Explained
  • The Power of ‘Pre-Suasion’
  • Public Speaking and The Power of Mental Fortitude

Key Takeaways

  • Maximizing Pre-Suasion Techniques: One can significantly enhance their persuasive efforts by setting the stage. This involves creating a favorable context or environment that primes the audience to be more receptive to your message.
  • Creating Genuine Connections: Influence is not just for sales or marketing professionals; it is a vital skill in everyday interactions. Brian teaches us that it’s not just about whether the other person likes you, but it’s important that you like them. That’s how profound and deeper relationships can be built. As Brian says, “Good for you, good for me, good to go.”
  • Nervousness vs Excitement: Being nervous is a natural response, especially in high-pressure situations like public speaking or important meetings. Ask yourself if this is nerves or excitement. Techniques such as positive self-talk, visualization, and priming can help mitigate anxiety and improve performance.