EP 118

Permission to Call Me Out: A Path to Gratitude

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Inside This Episode

We can all agree that emphasizing the importance of gratitude and maintaining a “glass half full” approach to life is important. In today’s episode, John Kennedy shares a recent conversation between he and his wife that helped him to cultivate a more optimistic outlook. Since that time, he has gone to some extreme measures to find ways back to gratitude. This includes limiting access to his cell phone, journaling, and engaging in active playtime with his kids. The episode also highlights the impact of a recent team Enneagram session and the importance of self-awareness.

Three Biggest Insights

  • The Importance of Gratitude
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Growth
  • The Role of Accountability in Personal Development

Key Takeaways

  • Practice Gratitude Actively: Regularly practicing gratitude is essential to maintain a positive mindset. Without it, negative thought patterns can dominate, leading to a less optimistic outlook on life.
  • Self-Awareness Through Accountability: Having someone who can honestly call you out on your behaviors and tendencies is crucial. This accountability helps in maintaining self-awareness and staying true to your goals of personal growth and positivity.
  • Being Present & Engaged: Reducing phone usage and dedicating quality time to loved ones enhances present-moment engagement and fosters gratitude. This shift not only benefits personal relationships but also contributes to your overall sense of well-being and fulfillment.
  • Daily Meditation & Journaling: Incorporating daily meditation and a five-minute gratitude journal could prove beneficial with the practice of reflecting on positive aspects and areas for improvement each day.
  • Mindful Reduction of Phone Usage: Intentionally reducing phone usage, especially during family time, helps in being more present and engaged. This conscious effort leads to better connections with your loved ones and enhances overall gratitude