EP 099

Lessons on Progress, Perfectionism and Mastery

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Inside This Episode

In 2023, we’ve had enlightening discussions on various topics, ranging from productivity to health and personal finance. In this episode, John Kennedy, CFP® shares his top conversations on the importance of progress over perfection, embracing failure, and the impact of consistency.  These topics resonated throughout our episodes this year, as many individuals face their own challenges in these areas of life. Above Board is thrilled to share our experiences and perspectives on these important subjects.
Below is a quick highlight of today’s episode:
03:30 – Mike Paton, famous EOS implementor and author shares his wisdom on “failing forward” and how to simplify things in your life. The full interview with Mike Paton and John Kennedy can be found on episode 71 of the Above Board Podcast.
14:20 – At minute 14, this episode shifts to Matthew and John’s conversation around persistence. Their discussion is about how to teach these lessons to our youth but also how to apply the principle of consistency in our own life. This is from episode 95, The Black Belt Journey of Persistence.
24:30 – Alan Stein, Jr. joins us on episode 78 discussing his stories about “the unseen hours” and how to have a “next play mentality” for both the high and low points in life. Alan is a world-renowned speaker and author of “Sustain Your Game.”
39:45 – TheRichB shares insight from episode 85 (Being Masterful at Mastery) about focusing on your journey and growth as opposed to only the outcome. He also discusses 5 ways to achieve mastery in various areas of your life!

Three Biggest Insights

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Key Takeaways

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