EP 103

Exploring the World of Amazon Business with Lesley Hensell

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Inside This Episode

Join your host, John Kennedy, for an inspiring conversation with Lesley Hensell, where she shares her remarkable journey that ultimately led her into the world of e-commerce and entrepreneurship. Despite challenges, Lesley found her stride in the world of Amazon selling, offering invaluable insights into retail arbitrage, business setup, expense management, and more. Tune in to discover Lesley’s secrets to success and get a sneak peek into her book, ‘The Amazon Incubator’, your ultimate guide to building a flourishing online business. Whether you aspire to initiate a “side-hustle” or expand your e-commerce business, this podcast is your go-to resource for success!

Three Biggest Insights

  • Lesley’s Personal Growth Story with Selling E-Commerce on Amazon
  • Setting Up an LLC and Insurance for Amazon Sellers
  • Opportunities for Different Business Models on Amazon

Key Takeaways

  • Setting Up an LLC: The significance of setting up an LLC and maintaining a separate bank account for Amazon sellers to ensure financial clarity and compliance with Amazon’s requirements.
  • Avoid Accounting Surprises: Advice on the importance of proper accounting practices and tracking expenses in an Amazon business to ensure financial success and avoid surprises at the end of the year.
  • Scaling Your Amazon Business: The transition from retail arbitrage to establishing relationships with wholesale distributors as a strategic move for Amazon sellers to scale their business and diversify their product offerings.
  • Private Labeling on Amazon: The opportunities in creating private label products for Amazon as a way to differentiate and grow a brand on the platform, unlocking potential for higher margins and control over product quality.
  • Financial Success Through Amazon Business: The positive impact of Amazon in creating millionaires through hard work and dedication, illustrating how individuals can achieve financial success on the platform with the right strategies and effort.
  • Align Your Business with Your Goals: Encouraging individuals to find a business model on Amazon that aligns with their unique goals and aspirations, emphasizing the diversity of opportunities on the platform for entrepreneurs to carve their path to success.