EP 117

Catching Confidence – Your Money Edition

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Inside This Episode

Join John Kennedy, CFP®, as he discusses the power of building financial confidence through hard work and momentum. Reflecting on the concept of ‘things are caught, not taught,’ John shares valuable insights on financial success and generational wealth. Think of financial confidence like building a muscle—the more you work at it, the stronger it gets. John emphasizes the importance of financial awareness and the benefits of stacking small wins. By surrounding yourself with positive influences and committing to these practical steps, you can catch the confidence you need to give yourself the best chance for a bright financial future!

Three Biggest Insights

  • Financial awareness
  • Building momentum
  • Small wins

Key Takeaways

  • Budgeting Basics: Learn how to track spending and start saving effectively. It’s like exercising for the first time—it might be painful at first, but consistency brings mastery.
  • Emergency Funds: Build a safety net of 3-6 months’ expenses. Think of it as preparing for the unexpected big plays in life.
  • Smart Spending: Implement the 24-hour rule to control impulse buys, putting you in control of your finances instead of letting them run you.
  • Saving Strategies: Aim to save 20% of your income. Don’t worry if you’re starting small—every step counts towards the goal.
  • Automating Success: Set up systems to make saving and investing as automatic as possible, ensuring your financial growth becomes a seamless part of your life.