EP 106

Breaking Barriers with Business Coach Heidi Schalk

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Inside This Episode

Join host John Kennedy on Episode 106 of the Above Board podcast as he sits down with Heidi Schalk, a business strategist and leadership coach with an inspiring story of resilience and success. From navigating divorce as a stay-at-home mom to thriving as an entrepreneur, Heidi shares insights on overcoming fear, tackling limiting beliefs, and the importance of authenticity in the business world. They also discuss self-leadership, setting boundaries, and the role of a good business coach in the entrepreneurial journey!

Three Biggest Insights

  • “Messy Makes Millions”
  • Celebrate Your Wins
  • Fear & Still Showing Up

Key Takeaways

  • Overcoming Fear: Stepping out of one’s comfort zone, despite being fearful, can lead to personal growth and community support. It emphasizes the idea that facing fears head-on is a crucial step towards growth in both personal and professional realms.
  • Showing Up Authentically: John and Heidi highlight the importance of authenticity in connecting with an audience. This takeaway underscores that authenticity fosters deeper connections and trust, especially in the digital age where curated content is rampant.
  • Defying Limiting Beliefs: Heidi discusses the journey of recognizing and overcoming limiting beliefs through journaling and introspection, tracing back to where these beliefs originated. This process of identifying and confronting limiting beliefs is presented as a means to unlock one’s potential and move past self-imposed barriers, highlighting the power of self-awareness in personal development.
  • Messy Makes Millions: This phrase encapsulates the idea that striving for perfection can hinder progress. Heidi and John discuss how aiming for perfectionism can stall one’s growth and that embracing imperfections can lead to success. This takeaway highlights the value of action over perfection and encourages listeners to start something, even if imperfectly, to move forward.
  • Consistency With Your Audience: Consistently showing up, despite not being perfect, builds trust and authority over time. Success in any venture often requires sustained effort and regular engagement with your audience or market.
  • Promote Virtual Events: Heidi shares her approach to helping entrepreneurs through creating signature virtual events, which serve as a platform for connection and showcasing expertise. This strategy demonstrates the power of targeted, value-driven events in building an audience and fostering engagement.